Friday, November 30, 2012

Dubstep x Revolution

It's a cool Friday night. You and some friends are huddled around discussing the plans for the night. You take a swig from a bottle that is being passed around. The strong, bitter contents make their way down your chest instantly radiating heat throughout your body as it burns its way through. While attempting to regain your breath you're reminded how similar gatherings were once commencement rituals to some of the most epic nights you and your friends ever had. The cold of the night and the warming sensation of a second swig combined with the knowledge that this could very well be the last time you see these faces, sends a series of chills down your spine. You turn the small bottle sideways and let some liquor pour out onto the pavement. A sign of respect for the memory of the friends you lost on nights just like this one. In the distance you hear the familiar sound of an auxiliary chord being inserted into the headphone jack of an mp3 player. You turn to see a black truck with four 6 foot tall speakers mounted on its bed. Everyone takes their respective positions as words you've now memorized like the spelling of your name, blare through each speaker:

"Our founding fathers built a nation based on dreams. They dreamed of a nation united by freedom, equality and prosperity for all. The American dream! For years corrupt politicians and greedy corporate executives have done everything in their power to destroy that dream and control the people of this nation. Government is meant to be the voice of the people but Big Brother isn't listening. It's time that 'We the people' make our voices heard. It's time for a revolution!"

You pick up the M16 you were handed when you first joined. Instantly Madeon's remix to "Raise Your Weapon" begins to play over the speakers. The anthem to this revolution.

You say a quick prayer as you listen to the track build up. Your heart races, pounding the walls of your chest while you wait for the signal. The beat drops and instinctively your finger pulls the trigger. The world in front of you disappears into a cloud of gun smoke and lead. As you fight, Dubstep continues to flood your ear drums, pushing you forward, each track moving you one step closer to victory.

- King

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